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A house call visit fee depends upon the amount of time the physician spends with you and the complexity of your medical problem. The total house call visit fee will be charged to your credit card shortly after the physician's visit, usually within 48 hours. ExpressDoctors accepts all major credit cards.

You will find these fees are competitive with a regularly scheduled visit to a doctor's office or clinic and are generally 1/3 of the cost of the average emergency room visit. Moreover, the ExpressDoctors service is covered by most major insurance policies.

The fee is generally reimbursable through most of the patients' health insurance programs. However, ExpressDoctors does not guarantee this reimbursement.

If the physician orders laboratory tests or radiologic procedures, whoever performs those services will bill you separately. Your insurance carrier will reimburse those fees just as they would ordinarily.

For individuals who would prefer a same-day appointment at a doctor's office or clinic, ExpressDoctors will arrange such an appointment for an administrative fee.

The ExpressDoctors service is subject to ExpressDoctors' Cancellation Fees Policy.