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ExpressDoctors, you saved our vacation...our 3-year-old daughter came down with a high fever and cold during our stay at Disney sent a pediatrician at 3am in the morning to attend our little Maria. He quickly diagnosed the problem, gave her medication and she was back enjoying the holiday fun with the whole family. What a lifesaver, ExpressDoctors was to our family.
-- Theresa Celestino-Fabio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

You guys are the greatest! We had a gig in Chicago and Tommy (our lead singer) came down with laryngitis. We called ExpressDoctors from on board the plane. We discussed the problem and your Dr. Wolf met us at the hotel upon our arrival. Needless to say Tommy was great, the concert was successful and we went away simply blown away by ExpressDoctors and your service.
-- Doug Avenue, "The Gills" LA

My mother suffers from sciatica and has, from time to time, an attack, which usually is relieved with a shot. Rather then go to an emergency room (20 miles away) and wait for relief, ExpressDoctors dispatched Dr. Soloman Diaz who was at the house within 45 minutes...How economical and efficient and what a relief for mom. We were so happy with ExpressDoctors that we will recommend you to all our traveling relatives.
-- Maria Coumez, Toledo, Oh

Talk about bloody marvelous...ExpressDoctors, you saved our trip! My sprained ankle was taped up within an hour of my call to ExpressDoctors and we continued on to LA. What a benefit. Our hotel recommended your company and I certainly will do the same.
-- Colin Everts, Maidenhead, UK